Business Idea

Biojet wants to replace fossil products in a sustainable and environmentally sound way by converting wood-based residual products into liquid biofuels, produced at suitable geographical areas.

Renewable energy

Biojet believes global warming is affected by human activities.

Traditional coal, oil and gas are not renewables in the term of the presence of human beings. It is expected that large volumes of such resources are still not discovered. Exploring such fossil resources and burning them continues to add CO2 to the atmosphere not in balance with nature. A significant reduction in the release of fossil CO2 is required!

The existing - and still growing - number of combustion engines need liquid fuels to operate. We believe long haul transport on sea, on road and in the air, will depend on combustion engines for decades.

Several solutions are needed to achieve sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly transportation of people and goods. Biojet develops such solutions by converting biomass to transportation fuel with a significant reduction of fossil CO2.  Therefore, we continuously strive to improve the environment and help our common planet to be a better Place.

Global warming is no longer only a phrase.